28 August 2019 | Turku, Finland
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28 August 2019
Turku, Finland
Å Pitch


Seminar and matchmaking will take place at Marina Palace. 

The pitching competition will be held on the Jakke River Ferry, which will leave in front of Marina Palace Hotel. 

Address: Marina Palace, Linnankatu 32, 20100 Turku

Jakke river boat has fared the river Aura since the summer of 2013. Before that, Jakke carried its weight as a ferry in eastern Finland, Savonlinna, for almost 50 years. Here in Turku, Jakke offers his own unique perspective to the beautiful riverside scenery, providing also a café, a liquor licenced bar and naturally the restrooms.


Closed since 27 August 2019


Turku, Finland

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